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What does the Bay Area Paragliding Association Do?


When I mention BAPA, sometimes people think there is no need for the club and ask what does BAPA do? Here is a list:

  • BAPA runs educational seminars, thermal clinics, and fly-ins.
    • Example: The Ed Alps and Honza thermal seminar and weather clinic cost $800. Mike Vergalla and Free Flight paid half of that and BAPA paid $400. It was free to everyone. About 50 people attended. This is BAPA bringing expert knowledge and experience to share with all pilots. Again, not cheap but a great contribution to the paragliding community.
  • BAPA maintains a website with links and information on local flying sites and activities.
  • BAPA ran a thermal clinic at Tollhouse. It will be even better next time.
  • BAPA ran the Tollhouse fly-in and the Monster Mash held at Big Sur. BAPA members got a discount on the campground fees.
  • BAPA pays for the windsocks and etc. at the Dump, or reimburses those that pay for them.
  • BAPA works to help P2s transition to P3s by connecting pilots in the community and by presenting educational activities.
  • BAPA gives new pilots and pilots that have just moved to the Bay Area a way to connect to other pilots and figure out where they can fly. Often the BAPA website contact form or the BAPA Facebook page is their first point of contact.
  • BAPA members get 30 to 50% discount from the Colombia Friends and Family store in Richmond. Invitations are sent out 3 to 4 times a year. You need to be a BAPA club member to get your discount.

Pioneers in hang gliding and paragliding worked extremely hard to establish flying sites in the Bay Area. Getting permission to fly, dealing with cities, counties, the State and insurance issues is no small task. Thanks to them you can fly locally.

And more. I probably have left out a lot of things. All of the above are done through the hard work of club officers and members to benefit you as a pilot.

Do you have suggestions on what BAPA can do? Get involved!!! Send suggestions and ways to implement them. Participate in the club and help promote the sport.