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Site Risk Alert: Do not launch/land Westlake cliffs!

PLEASE READ regarding launching from the cliffs along Westlake, particularly the area in the image below. BAPA has been contacted by a homeowner who is very upset at people launching from near their house. A few years back a pilot hit his neighbor’s house and caused significant damage. This particular spot (and the wider area nearby) is on GGNRA land and it is illegal to launch from there. Apart from potentially being ticketed by rangers, this jeopardizes MR. The homeowner has already contacted  Daly City council to complain about flying at the site.

It has been a while since we had an incident, or major conflict with home owners but if you want to launch from around there, please get a site intro for the Stables and follow the GGNRA rules.  An angry homeowner could cause us to lose the Stables site, and also get MR shut down.

The message above was shared with the wider Bay Area paragliding community on 12/11/2020 via Facebook and Telegram. We received a note today (12/12/2020) from the homeowner thanking everyone for taking him seriously. He appreciated the community’s response.

To reiterate what has been said in those communities: pilots must avoid launching/landing anywhere on GGNRA land (this roughly covers most of the bluffs north of the lemmings launch, but it is quite a bit more nuanced than that – see this map for a bit more detail on property lines). Pilots with Stables stickers are allowed to launch/land in a very specific area of GGNRA land north of the Mar Vista stables. Please visit the Stables site guide to learn more.

Please keep in mind, endangering the relationship with the GGNRA would have repercussions not just for regulated flying at the Stables, but also for free flying at Mussel Rock.