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Site Guides

The Bay Area can sometimes have complex rules governing each flying site. Please carefully examine the information provided here before flying.

San Francisco Bay Area Flying Sites

There are multiple flying sites in the San Francisco Bay Area, some administered by free flight clubs and others are self-managed.

In addition to The Stables/Mori Point, Ed Levin, Mission Ridge, and Diablo are administered by the Wings of Rogallo.  Please check the links below to see the requirements to fly there (stickers/ratings/etc.)

Ed Levin Park

Mission Ridge

Mt. Diablo

The Stables

Mori Point

A comprehensive collection of information about flying sites in the Bay Area and beyond, created by local pilot Kim Galvin:

Fly Zephyr

Other Bay Area Sites:


Mt. Tamalpais

Windy Hill

Emergency Phone Numbers

This is a great document to print and keep in your harness.  It has emergency contact information for most sites we fly!

Download the Emergency Phone Numbers PDF