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P3 pilots requirements for Mission Peak

WOR (Wings of Rogallo, the controlling club for Mission Peak) has approved a program which allows P3’s who have specific additional qualifications and sponsorship, to fly at Mission Peak!

Details, copied from:

Mission Ridge Site Open to Intermediate+ Pilots

The Mission Ridge Site Committee has received permission from the East Bay Regional Parks District to allow Intermediate-rated pilots, who meet some additional requirements, to fly Mission Ridge.

In addition to the requirements for all pilots, an Intermediate-rated pilot must meet the following requirements to fly at Mission:
• Document in their log books an additional 20 hours of flight time beyond the minimum flight time required for the Intermediate rating.
• Successfully complete and document in their log books their Advanced landing skill spot landing task.
• Receive a site introduction from a Mission pilot approved by the site committee to sponsor Intermediate pilots.
o The Sponsoring pilot is responsible for verifying that the Sponsored pilot has the necessary requirements.

• A Site Intro Guide is available to Sponsoring pilots on the WOR Web Site to help ensure consistent and thorough site introduction. … oGuide.pdf
• Intermediate-rated pilots must be sponsored for the first 5 flights by an Advanced-rated Mission pilot who is approved by the site committee to sponsor Intermediate pilots.
• A list of pilots approved to sponsor Intermediate-rated pilots is being maintained by the site committee.
• The list of Sponsor pilots can be accessed from a link on the WOR web site on the Mission Site page.
• Intermediate-rated pilots can contact approved sponsors using the following e-mail aliases:
[email protected] (for HG)
[email protected] (for PG)
• The Sponsoring pilot must be Advanced-rated on the same wing type as the pilot being sponsored.
• The Site Intro and five sponsored flights can be performed by different sponsors.
• Sponsored flights must be logged in a paper log maintained in the interior combination lock box in the Mission sign-in lockbox. The paper log is accessible to Site Committee members and Sponsors.
• After the sponsored pilot completes their required 5 sponsored flights, they receive the left-half of a Silver WOR Sticker and are required to have the half-sticker in their possession when flying at Mission.
• Pilots who want to be sponsors can contact any Mission Site Committee member to request to be approved.

Roy Spencer
Mission Ridge Site Committee Chair
[email protected]