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March 23 2019 Meeting Minutes

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Bay Area Paragliding Association Meeting Minutes

March 23, 2019

Vito’s Famous Pizza
1155 Reed Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086


President                        Susan Kent

Vice President               Andrew

Treasurer                       Martin

Secretary                       Karl Allmendinger

Activities Director       Mike Vergalla

Safety Coordinator      Bob Posey

Updates from Susan:

BAPA is offering to assist with Diablo site administration, not threatening to invade and conquer.

BAPA insures Mori Point and The Stables PG sites.

BAPA helps MCHGA with Mt. Tam site insurance.

Mountain Hardware in Richmond gives substantial discounts to BAPA members.

Recent Events:

Emergency Response Clinic with Tonya

Ed Levin Reserve Clinic with Mike Vergalla and Bob Posey

Future Events

BAPA fly-in May 5 and 6 may be at Dunlap or Tollhouse

BAPA Thermal Clinic in June at Tollhouse for 10-12 pilots

Treasurers Report

BAPA finances are good.

Please Join! Expenses are rising.

Today was a good, exceptional, excellent, epic Mission Day.

Meeting adjourned.

Jug on Sprint and XC Leagues by Jugdeep ‘Flymaster’ Aggarwal

XC League 15 years

          Serious XC

          Requires P3 + 2 meter ham radio + GPS tracker

Sprint League 4 years

          Entry level local tasks

          Learn instruments and XC skills

Paypal a week before event

Load waypoints before arriving at event

Fly in groups

Potato: No access until 2020? 🙁

Dunlap: Questionable. Insurance? Politics?

Tollhouse: Open, better food options, camp at Ron Jones $10? Stop at Don Fernando’s Marshall Station on the way home, try the mole salsa.

Thanks, Jug!