Julie's Weather Links

These are Julie's favorite resources for checking the weather before deciding where to go flying.

Links updated 13 Sep 2016.

Flight Planning Weather Resources

General Resources

Satellite Image information

The Dump - Wind Speed information

The Dump - Visible Condition information (is it foggy?!)

  • Cheetah Ridge Webcam – looking north at Cheetah Ridge (Westlake Ridge is visible in the background) (Rick C is a webcam maniac!)
  • Daly City Wind Station View #2 – direct view over the Dump (thanks to Rick C!)
  • Daly City Wind Station (about 500 feet above the Dump parking lot, shows view to the south; could still be foggy at Dump itself)
  • Pacifica Webcam (at south end of Pacifica; Dump is at far north end of Pacifica so this is just general potential fogginess)
  • Fog Forecast (haven’t been following yet, but looks interesting)

The Dump - Forecast information

East Bay - Forecast information

East Bay - Current Conditions information

Upper Air information

Visible Condition information