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Future of BAPA: Request for comment

BAPA is at a crossroads, and we want the membership to be fully informed and involved in the decision about BAPA’s future. As agreed by the members voting at the most recent membership meeting, here are the options that have been identified, along with the results of research that has been done. Please read through the options, ask questions, talk to other members, and provide feedback to the current officers about the options. Email your feedback/questions to [email protected]

Once this feedback has been collected (over the next 10 days), a poll will be held to determine the future of BAPA. In conjunction with the poll, Officer Elections will take place, a little late but otherwise according to our current Bylaws.


  • An insufficient number of volunteers have come forward to sustain the club in its current form.
  • The only USHPA site managed by BAPA is in the process of being transferred to WOR.
  • BAPA is currently a 501(c)(7) Social Club, as defined by the IRS. As such, it is not required to pay taxes.
  • BAPA is currently a California Mutual Benefit Nonprofit Corporation.
  • BAPA is currently an USHPA Chapter.


  1.     BAPA continues as an official nonprofit corporation, but not an USHPA chapter.

This option allows BAPA to continue as a club, with the option to collect member dues (without having to pay tax) which can then be used to conduct events or other club business. BAPA bylaws would be amended to reduce the number of officers to 3: a President, Treasurer, and Secretary (only 2 people would be required – either the President or Treasurer could be the Secretary).

If you prefer this option, please consider indicating your support by volunteering to be an officer. If there are not enough volunteers, this option is not viable and the club will be disbanded. 

  1.     BAPA disbands entirely.

Officers file required paperwork with IRS and State of California and BAPA is completely dissolved.


1 – BAPA as Social Club
  • Maintain California Corporation and 501(c)(7) nonprofit status
  • Allows dues collection without tax payment
  • Official club bank and Paypal accounts for collecting dues and paying for activities
  • Fly-ins and clinics can be held independent of USHPA or RRRG requirements (although ACE insurance would be available if desired)
  • Official entities are all in place if there is a desire to be an USHPA Chapter (or have some other affiliation) at a later date
  • Provides corporate structure to protect officers from personal liability of actions of club
  • Dues can be used in a variety of ways to support the paragliding community
  • Requires 2 volunteers to serve as Officers
  • Requires annual 990 (tax) filing
  • Requires biannual Statement of Information filing
  • Requires officer to maintain financial records
2 – Disband BAPA
  • No one ever has to worry about any of this stuff ever again
  • No framework for supporting activities 
  • No protection from personal liability for folks organizing events individually 
  • Loss of historical context (potentially)
  • Loss of the BAPA website (since it requires annual upkeep fees)