SFBAPA.org is the website of the Bay Area Paragliding Association (BAPA). Our club started in the early 1990s and has grown to be a large, active community of pilots sharing sites, knowledge, and – most importantly – lots of flying.

This site is intended primarily for sharing information about longer-range plans and providing a reference to more static information.  The material presented here is published as part of an information dissemination service for BAPA members. BAPA makes no warranties or representations and assumes no liability concerning the validity of any advice, opinion, or recommendations expressed in the material. BAPA, the editors, and the club officers do not assume responsibility for the material or opinions of contributors.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope to see you in the air!

BAPA Officers

Andrew Gentles
[email protected]

Vice President
Pam Kinnaird
[email protected]

Karl Allmendinger
[email protected]

Susan Kent
[email protected]

Safety Coordinator
Vincent Tran
[email protected]

Activities Director
Mike Vergalla
[email protected]

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