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BAPA Meeting Minutes – 6/12/2017

The meeting was held at BrightWorks school in San Francisco.

BAPA would like to thank BrightWorks for their support  and for hosting several BAPA events.

The meeting started at 7:30PM, but the room was available since 6:30 PM to allow people

to dine and socialize. (Pizza provided by BAPA)

23 members were present

Everybody introduced her/himself including a new member Steve Albany, P2.

 News from various sources:

 1) USHPA Board of Directors

 The Fall Board of Directors will be held in San Jose (California) from Thursday  October the 19th to Sunday the 22nd.

Thursday will be “Ice Breaker Day” and locals clubs and pilots are invited to participate. Please mark your calendar if you are interested and look forward for more info.

 2) BAPA Website

The new website is almost ready, and may still need to have the Flying site Info added.

 3) Mussel Rock Weather Station

Rick Cavallaro is working to install a new wheather station for Mussel Rock.

A motion was voted to allocate $300 to cover the expenses.

 4) Competition teams

Following several demands one motion passed to donate $200 to the US X-Alps team,

 and one motion passed to donate $200 to the US-World Team

 5) Mount Vaca

Juan is working hard in order to officially use of this site.

So far, there is a launch, but no place to land.

We hope to be able to use LakeCurry as Landing Zone, and for that the site needs the BAPA support  and sponsorship for the insurance.

A motion passed to allocate $300 for related expenses, and BAPA agreed to become the official site support

 6) Mount Umunhum

The opening dates have been confirmed. The latest communication reads:

Public demand was high and reservations for this event are now full.
Mount Umunhum's summit and trails
open to the public beginning on Monday, September 18.

  • Complete information about visiting Mount Umunhum will be posted online prior to September 18.
  • A self-guided audio tour will be available for download to enable you to experience the many stories of Mount Umunhum.
  • Stay tuned for information about upcoming interpretive programs and docent-led tours taking place at Mount Umunhum after the summit opens to the public.

Updates will be posted at

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM

 The entertainment part of the meeting wasTonia Reinys, MD and Emily Reinys, MD leading a First Responder Workshop tailored for Paragliding activities

BAPA Meeting Minutes – 3/22/17

The meeting was held at Vitos Famous Pizza,1155 Reed Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA, 94086

The meeting started at 8:00PM, but the room was available since 6:30 PM to allow people

to dine and socialize.

15 members were present including Jugdeep Aggarwal USHPA Region 2 Director

Everybody introduced her/himself.

Disclaimer: As since the meeting some info may have changed or new info may bee available,

in order to avoid confusion the minutes will reflect the last info available even if some may not

have been said during the meeting. When possible occurred changes will be noticed.

   Officer and Contributor Reports:

1) Sophie Bourgoin Treasurer

Sophie disclosed to present members the balances of the various financial accounts.

2) Daniel Bremond Secretary

Since the meeting the opening date of MountUmunhum has been released.

Here is the content of the flyer:

MountUmunhum: A Mountain Made of Stories
Grand Opening Weekend

Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17, 2017

Those interested in attending can learn more and sign-up for updates at

Don’t miss this historic weekend and help create Mount Umunhum’s next chapter as one of the Bay Area’s great publicly accessible peaks.

3) Brad  Bass Activities Director (by email)

A long list of activities has been published

A super mega fly-in is coming April 29-30. The goal is to have a huge participation that bring everybody together. 

Other news from various sources:

Several volunteers worked on the road to the top at Ed Levin Park.

Works are in progress for the RadioTower.

Mission: The road to launch is closed and is not supposed to be open before mid of April.

Ranger reminder: You cannot climb over the gate.

Reported by Mayumi: A banditos flew Mission. Another flew without carrying a reserve.

Reminder: At Wendy Hill, there is a 4000 feet ceiling.

The Gavin McClug movie was screened at Stanford last month. Jug was present.

It will be screened again at the inaugural DocLands Documentary Film Festival, May 10-14, 2017, presented by the California Film Institute.

Airspace change: FAA airplane routes have been changed recently and created a lot of comments and complaints in Sunnyvale (thru the Social Media Nextdoor).
Fellow Feathers are very active in following the impact on Mussel Rock.

The conclusion so far: Our flying may not be impacted 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM 

The entertainment part of the meeting was Jugdeep Aggarwal introducing this year XC league and Sprint League.

 The Sprint League is for newer XC pilots and the XC League is for more experienced pilots.  

All information about the Leagues can be found on the website:

BAPA Meeting Minutes – October 22, 2016

Meeting held at Mussel Rock parking lot , preciseley at the BBQ area. 

20 to 30 persons in attendance (BAPA members and/or local HG/PG pilots)

 Meeting called to order around 6:50 pm

The meeting was presided over by Dave McMillan, President

 Due to the location and the time, it should be a short meeting, intended to socialize, link and network with local flying people.

    Officer and Contributor Reports:

1) Dave McMillan President

1.A) Mount Tamalpais

In summary to date:

Due to the USHPA insurance requirements there will be only one chapter

managing this site. The HG one, managing HG and PG.

BAPA will collaborate and support half of the insurance cost.

Wally will be the PG manager.

The main difference is that the allowing stickers will need to be renewed every year.

 1.B) New Mission Webcam

Thanks to Ron from Australia and to Evan Cohen for being instrumental on

setting up this cam.

 1.C) Christmas Party

It will be held on December third at BrightWorks in San Francisco.

Mark your calendar and look for more info to come.

 1.D) Dunlap

The owner of the LZ passed away.The site was shut down, then it just re-opened.

We don’t know what will happen. Will the familly keep the site?

1.E) BAPA Officers yearly election

The current nominations are:

President: Dave McMillan

Vice President: : still open

Activity Director: still open

Treasurer: Sophie Bourgoin

Secretary: Daniel Bremond

Site Director: Dan Retz

Safety Director: Harry  Sandoval

The vote will be thru the internet . More details coming

 1.F) Monster Mash Flying

Canceled due to the past wild fire

 1.G) Training

There is a demand for weather clinic

We are looking to have a first Responder clinic early February.

 2) Susan Kent, Membership coordinator

 2.A) Why to be a BAPA member?

BAPA contributes to several site expenses. (Mt Diablo, half of Mt Tamalpais, The Stables)

BAPA wants to keep Mussel Rock “unregulated”

BAPA runs clinics, maintains windsocks.

BAPA contributed to USHPA insurance

How could we encourage instrusctors to suggest studdents to become BAPA members?


An advantage your BAPA membership gives you: (from Ricardo)

You have access to Mountain Hardware Store in Richmond which sells

outdoor equipments for half of the market price.

 The meeting was adjourned at 7:13 PM 

3. The entertainment part of the meeting was the BBQ and Pot Luck food

while socializing with the attendants.



BAPA Meeting Minutes – 1/25/2017

BAPA Meeting Minutes – January 25, 2017

 The meeting was held at a new location in Sunnyvale. (the same used by Wings of Rogallo).

 Address: Vitos Famous Pizza, 1155 Reed Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA, 94086

We had a private room and the flexibility to arrange the tables the way we wanted.

(in addition to order food and drinks)

The meeting was registered and can be viewed on the web using the following url

This was also the url used for remote attendance thru the web.

In order to improve attendance, the meeting started at 7:30PM, but the room was available

since 6:30 PM to allow people to dine and socialize.

19 members were present including Jugdeep Aggarwal USHPA Region 2 Director and

Julie Spiegler USHPA Project Manager.

Between 3 to 5 persons attended on line.

One new member: Mat, P4 moving from Germany.


   Officer and Contributor Reports:

1) Sophie Bourgoin Treasurer

Sophie disclosed to present members the balances of the various financial accounts.

2) Daniel Bremond Secretary

Nothing to report, except the status of Mount Umunhum. (see below)

3) Brad  Bass Activities Director

3.1) Just got answers from the survey. Analyze of the results next month

3.2) How to get people more involved?

A long discussion followed and the following ideas were suggested:

- Involve Instructors, and have them attending the BAPA meetings

- Mega / huge Fly-ins. Example Dunlap, XC league

- Community better served with more Fly-ins and parties.

- The topic of bringing everybody together on April 8 will be more investigated

3.3) Schedules for XC League and Sprint League are available on the website:

SantaCruzParagliding .com

 4) David McMillan President

4.1) Since the meeting, the position of Safety Director has been filled by Robert Posey

One of the duties is to participate to the Chapter Renewal paperwork’s.

4.2) Chapter Renewal site insurance: Due March first

4.3) MountTamalpais; Remember, you need to get the annual sticker to be

allowed to fly. Contact: Wally Anderson

4.4) Our member Josh Cohn won a big competition. Congratulations.

4.5) Gavin McClug Film. Will be shown in March for a fundraiser.

4.6) Mount Umunhum: Will be open to public in 2017. Due to the funding voted by

Santa Clara County (Measure AA) progress are made faster than scheduled,

but due to recent heavy rains the project may be delayed and no official

date is available so far.

 4.7) Tree Rescue Kit. Today stored in Jug’s garage.

Created sometime ago. Clinic in the past.

Should we use it? If yes we need trainings and a storage location.

5) Susan Kent Membership coordinator (thru the web)

The association accounts for 146 members. Only half of them have renewed so far.

Remember that members having not renewed on March first will be disabled in

the database

6) Daniel Kelley Website designer

The new website is still in development

Programmed in Python

7) Fatality at Mussel Rock

President David asked for a minute of silence in order to honor the memory of

Solomon Lee who died after landing in the water.

One member  present that day told us that there was no beach, the pilot was

too low and rescuing him was very dangerous.

A long discussion took place, and the main items to take away are:

- Never, never, never land in the water. (except if you wear a life jacket and

have a rescue boat waiting for you).

- Do not fly if you do not have a landing area that you can reach with a sled ride

from where you take off.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM




BAPA Meeting Minutes – 7/13/16

Meeting held at Red Lobster, Milpitas, CA. 

7 members in attendance in person.

And  2 attendants over video streaming

 Meeting called to order at 7:45 pm

The meeting was presided over by Dave McMillan, President


    First time attendee:

    One person not yet pilot, and

    Ron from Australia, Paraglider and Hang Glider living near Mission peak

   2.Officer and Contributor Reports:

 Sophie Bourgoin Vice President

Attended 4Th of July BBQ and July Wings Of Rogallo monthly meeting

 Susan Kent, Membership coordinator (on line)

 Suggested to publish more actively to encourage remote attendance.


Ross Strickland, Activity Director

The 4th of July BBQ at Mussel Rock was a big success

Ross also provided some details about the following week Hat Creek Fly-in

End of August (the 27th) there will be at the Ed Levin Picnic.

It is a great way to promote Paragliding. Local Instructors are encouraged to come by.


Dave McMillan President

We need to replace several windsocks at Mussel Rock.

Geary ordered them for a cost estimated between $450 and $499.

Daniel B, moved to allocate the money. Ross S seconded.

The motion passed with 6 votes “Yes”, no vote against or abstention.


Parking at Mission Peak:

Bob Posey went to the last meeting and the new rules will go thru.


Accidents at Mussel Rock:

Dave M said that Mussel Rock is a source of accidents. Last year was the worst in term of accidents. This year we already accounted two water incidents.


Daniel B  responded that neither BAPA nor USHPA  are doing all they can do to minimize accidents. In consequence, we get what we deserve.


Then Daniel listed the actions we missed that could reduce accidents:

1)      BAPA voted few years ago against encouraging the HelmEtiquette.

2)      When questioned during the previous BAPA meeting, an USHPA Director did not supported it either arguing that Paragliding is “Free Flight”.

3)      Daniel recalled that HelmEtiquette is wearing your name and ranking on your helmet.

4)      By this way BAPA members could spot at Mussel Rock the new comer pilots (and may be banditos), and engage a discussion to be sure that they are insured and had a site intro.

5)      Daniel also recalled that the USHPA magazine does not report anymore (like in the past) recent accident analyses, turning blind eyes on these accidents. An USHPA Official questioned recently, acknowledged the negative impact of this lack of information.

6)      So in conclusion Daniel pointed out to don’t be surprised if RRG become expensive.


BAPA Website:

We have found a volunteer for it, and works are in progress. It was suggested to have a special technical meeting for it in order to define what we want to put in it.  


 The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 PM

5. The entertainment part of the meeting was Marco Pontil talking about an initiative to provide tandem paragliding experiences to communities of folks with disabilities or cancer

 6. Annexes

The full meeting can be streamed at the following url:

(cut and paste url in your browser. Duration 1h17mn)