BAPA Meeting Minutes – 3/21/18


BAPA Meeting Minutes – March 21, 2018


By Daniel Bremond BAPA Secretary




The meeting was held at Vitos Famous Pizza,


1155 Reed Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA, 94086


The meeting started at 7:10PM, but the room was available since 6:30 PM to

allow people to dine and socialize.


14 members were present including Jugdeep Aggarwal USHPA Region 2

Director, and 4 current officers.


At least one officer, one volunteer, and Julie Spiegler from USHPA

attended and contributed remotely.


Also, two Officers from Wings Of Rogallo (WOR),  Ben Dunn and Mark

Mulholland attended the meeting.


The meeting (thanks to Bob Posey Safety Director) was simultaneously

broadcasted and recorded on the internet using the Livestream software.


The broadcast recording can be accessed at the following url:


BAPA Meeting March 21st, 2018 - Livestream


 Below is a summary of the topics discussed during the 2 hours and 14 minutes

that this meeting lasted.


And in parenthesis at what time (mm:ss or h:mm:ss) since the beginning of the

recording this topic started to be discussed




(10:00) Opening by David Zbin President

 David started by thanking former officers and Dave McMillan former President.

 Then he introduced the current officers and volunteers.

 (13:31) Old Business

 Nothing to report.

 (13:52) Membership renewal

 For late renewal, send $30 by PayPal at Treasurer  

 (14:55) Website update by Roy Saptarshi  Vice President

 The club is under pressure from USHPA to have a website meeting the requirements of RRG about flying sites.

 The intent of the current project is also to have any officer, volunteer or member able to post on the website without the need of a web expert.

 (17:25 Question) from Ben Dunn from WOR

  What flying sites do you have to document on the website?

 Answer: USHPA expects we post information about all flying sites, even the

ones we do not administer (like Diablo) in order to help visiting pilots to learn

about the sites and may be to decrease the risk of accidents.

 (21:00) USHPA renewal update by Bob Posey Safety Director

 USHPA wants all the clubs to be more thorough doing the risk analysis in order to decrease the risks of accident.

 BAPA currently administers:

 Mori Point, The Stables, and (in partnership with WOR), Mount Diablo.

 Mussel Rock is still an issue even if it is not regulated.

 BAPA got conditional approval before the dead line for RRG. We still have work to do.

 (27:00) Mussel Rock Wind Station

 Thanks to Rick Cavalero for working on that.

 (27:30 ) Back to Mussel Rock regulations

 USHPA would like BAPA being more involved in regulating Mussel Rock.

 Most members say no.

 The question is how can we work with the landowner?

 Then a long discussion took place about how to approach Mussel Rock.

 (46:00) Mount Diablo by Ben Dunn from WOR, and Ed Wilson

 WOR is the official site administrator of Mount Diablo for USHPA.

 Then follow a long discussion about the BAPA and WOR partnership to satisfy USHPA requirements.

 (58:30) First motion for Diablo

 Ed Wilson moved  for the following motion which was immediately seconded.

 BAPA relinquish the administration of paragliding at Mount Diablo, under the condition that Ed Wilson, a WOR member will be on the site committee and represent Diablo Paragliders.

 (1:13:00) The motion passed unanimously.

 (1:18:00) Second motion:

 BAPA will continue to Support WOR for Mount Diablo. (Contribute to insurance cost).

 Motion passed by all yes except one no.

 (1:19:00) Calendar by Chip Sheppard Activities Director

 A spreadsheet of the proposed activity calendar has been posted on the Google group.

 Chip also proposed to have the BAPA meetings on flying sites (Mussel Rock or Ed Levin) on Saturdays, combined with a Barbeque to allow people to fly then attend the meeting.

 (1:33:00) Mountain Hardwear Store

 Remember that BAPA members can buy equipment at this discount store.

 The last year Flyer reads

 Location:1414 Harbour Way South, Richmond, CA, 94084 (510-558-2995)

 Store Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am – 6pm, Sat & Sun: 10am – 5pm

 Valid Through 4/2/17

 (1:37:30) USHPA by Jugdeep Aggarwal USHPA Region 2 Director

 USHPA website has improved (Thanks to Julie Spiegler).

 The other USHPA hot topics are the Insurance and the need to report all accidents/incidents in order to show how the sport is safe and reduce the cost of insurance.

 (1:46:00) XC and Sprint Leagues support by Jugdeep Aggarwal

 Leagues must have a chapter support for each event. But not all the sites have a sponsor chapter.

 So could BAPA be the support chapter for the events on sites with no supporting chapter?

 ( 1:48:15 ) Motion to delegate the decision to the board of Officers.

 (1:51:00) Motion passed

 (1:51:10) ) Leagues general information by Jugdeep Aggarwal

 There is a website for each league with all the data.

 All communication take place in the Google groups. There is one for each league.

 Interested pilots are encouraged to sign up in both groups.

 (2:13:51) The meeting was adjourned at 9:13 PM