BAPA Meeting Minutes – 6/12/2017

The meeting was held at BrightWorks school in San Francisco.

BAPA would like to thank BrightWorks for their support  and for hosting several BAPA events.

The meeting started at 7:30PM, but the room was available since 6:30 PM to allow people

to dine and socialize. (Pizza provided by BAPA)

23 members were present

Everybody introduced her/himself including a new member Steve Albany, P2.

 News from various sources:

 1) USHPA Board of Directors

 The Fall Board of Directors will be held in San Jose (California) from Thursday  October the 19th to Sunday the 22nd.

Thursday will be “Ice Breaker Day” and locals clubs and pilots are invited to participate. Please mark your calendar if you are interested and look forward for more info.

 2) BAPA Website

The new website is almost ready, and may still need to have the Flying site Info added.

 3) Mussel Rock Weather Station

Rick Cavallaro is working to install a new wheather station for Mussel Rock.

A motion was voted to allocate $300 to cover the expenses.

 4) Competition teams

Following several demands one motion passed to donate $200 to the US X-Alps team,

 and one motion passed to donate $200 to the US-World Team

 5) Mount Vaca

Juan is working hard in order to officially use of this site.

So far, there is a launch, but no place to land.

We hope to be able to use LakeCurry as Landing Zone, and for that the site needs the BAPA support  and sponsorship for the insurance.

A motion passed to allocate $300 for related expenses, and BAPA agreed to become the official site support

 6) Mount Umunhum

The opening dates have been confirmed. The latest communication reads:

Public demand was high and reservations for this event are now full.
Mount Umunhum's summit and trails
open to the public beginning on Monday, September 18.

  • Complete information about visiting Mount Umunhum will be posted online prior to September 18.
  • A self-guided audio tour will be available for download to enable you to experience the many stories of Mount Umunhum.
  • Stay tuned for information about upcoming interpretive programs and docent-led tours taking place at Mount Umunhum after the summit opens to the public.

Updates will be posted at

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM

 The entertainment part of the meeting wasTonia Reinys, MD and Emily Reinys, MD leading a First Responder Workshop tailored for Paragliding activities