BAPA Meeting Minutes – 3/22/17

The meeting was held at Vitos Famous Pizza,1155 Reed Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA, 94086

The meeting started at 8:00PM, but the room was available since 6:30 PM to allow people

to dine and socialize.

15 members were present including Jugdeep Aggarwal USHPA Region 2 Director

Everybody introduced her/himself.

Disclaimer: As since the meeting some info may have changed or new info may bee available,

in order to avoid confusion the minutes will reflect the last info available even if some may not

have been said during the meeting. When possible occurred changes will be noticed.

   Officer and Contributor Reports:

1) Sophie Bourgoin Treasurer

Sophie disclosed to present members the balances of the various financial accounts.

2) Daniel Bremond Secretary

Since the meeting the opening date of MountUmunhum has been released.

Here is the content of the flyer:

MountUmunhum: A Mountain Made of Stories
Grand Opening Weekend

Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17, 2017

Those interested in attending can learn more and sign-up for updates at

Don’t miss this historic weekend and help create Mount Umunhum’s next chapter as one of the Bay Area’s great publicly accessible peaks.

3) Brad  Bass Activities Director (by email)

A long list of activities has been published

A super mega fly-in is coming April 29-30. The goal is to have a huge participation that bring everybody together. 

Other news from various sources:

Several volunteers worked on the road to the top at Ed Levin Park.

Works are in progress for the RadioTower.

Mission: The road to launch is closed and is not supposed to be open before mid of April.

Ranger reminder: You cannot climb over the gate.

Reported by Mayumi: A banditos flew Mission. Another flew without carrying a reserve.

Reminder: At Wendy Hill, there is a 4000 feet ceiling.

The Gavin McClug movie was screened at Stanford last month. Jug was present.

It will be screened again at the inaugural DocLands Documentary Film Festival, May 10-14, 2017, presented by the California Film Institute.

Airspace change: FAA airplane routes have been changed recently and created a lot of comments and complaints in Sunnyvale (thru the Social Media Nextdoor).
Fellow Feathers are very active in following the impact on Mussel Rock.

The conclusion so far: Our flying may not be impacted 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM 

The entertainment part of the meeting was Jugdeep Aggarwal introducing this year XC league and Sprint League.

 The Sprint League is for newer XC pilots and the XC League is for more experienced pilots.  

All information about the Leagues can be found on the website: