May 7, 2014 BAPA Meeting Minutes


Written by Daniel Bremond.   


The meeting was held at  Round Table Pizza in South San Francisco.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m.

In attendance were 7 paraglider pilots including Josh Cohn USHPA Director for Region 2, and 6 visitors and pilot-to-be.

The meeting was presided over by President Dave McMillan.


Officer Reports:

Dave M – President

  • We are still in need of a Webmaster. Any volunteer is welcome to help and free Julie S.
  • New windsocks at Mussel Rock were installed and paid by Jesse M  and Gary M.
  • Dunlap is re-open, managed by a new club: Central California Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club. See the attached message below from the President Ryan Smith for the protocol to follow to fly there.
  • Sand City (unregulated site) and Marina (Highly regulated site) on the coast between San Francisco and Monterey may be impacted in the future by a project to build a resort on the beach. The work may start this year. Susan K is monitoring the situation.

Robin C  – Treasurer   

  • By email: There are 149 renewed members so far and the finances are in good shape.  

Daniel B – Secretary

Will W – Activities  Director

  • The calendar is difficult to be updated due to various changes.
  • New event in preparation: Fly-in in Utah.
  • Scheduled event: Hat Creek Fly-in July 3 to 6. A fun place to go. 

Old and New Business

Chip S (Former Vice President) - Berkeley Kite Festival

The Festival is scheduled last week-end of July.

This year, Chip not travelling at this date would like to organize a BAPA-USHPA booth.

Chip is looking for:

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


The entertainment was a presentation by Seth Familian about an Internet  tool he is selling/renting. This tool could be used as communication tool between pilots.

For more information, please visit the website



 Dunlap Message

From: Tim O'Neill 
Date:04/25/2014 1:24 PM (GMT-08:00) 
Subject: [SLOSA] Dunlap Update 

 Hello, my name is Ryan Smith, I am the new president of the Central California Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club, previously known as the Central Valley Hang Gliding Club. We are very happy to announce the Dunlap Flying Site has remained open, with our club now in charge of the launch and landing zone. Stay tuned!


We have many exciting plans to improve this world class destination and our local flying club. Future areas we hope to improve include; a new interactive web site, new signage at the top and bottom to better represent our site, a better support network to provide up to date information to visiting pilots/clubs, new toilets at launch and in the LZ as well as some other things that will make the whole Dunlap experience more organized and enjoyable. Our goals are to continue to have a safe, sustainable, flying site that pilots can come and enjoy from all parts of the world without any negative effect on our neighbors.


Please note the changes that are now in effect: 


* The preferred method of paying all future donations/fees is by Dan Fleming's  Pay Pal account(flyndan@comcast dot net). Cash or check can be used as a last resort, if no one in the group has a Pay Pal account.


* Day use donation/fee is now $25. This fee will allow overnight camping in the LZ.


* Annual club fees are $75. for the year which will allow access to the launch from behind the cabin, HG ramp and landing at Dan's LZ. Note this club member fee does not include camping. (neither of these fees are retro-active and will be re-evaluated on Jan 1st, every year.


* Everybody; including, clinics and competitions must launch from the cabin or HG ramp and land at Dan's LZ with Limited exceptions. Exceptions must be prearranged with written consent from the president of the Central California Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club (Ryan Smith or Dan Fleming).


The Dunlap Flying site has made the news 3 times this year from pilot accidents. That’s not including a story that ran on television about a helicopter rescue that showed a paraglider pilot being taken off the top, west of the launch. This is not the publicity we want. We have had numerous complaints that resulted from pilots landing in unauthorized areas, one that included the Cat Haven parking lot with open top lion cages nearby! I’m sure you can imagine the publicity this would have caused.


If the club officers feel there is bad judgment made by another clubs Leader, Mentor, Instructor or a particular pilot, the officers reserve the right to not allow them future use of the our flying site. Every effort MUST be made to respect our flying site rules and our neighbors. 


* If a pilot or club plans to go cross country and their route/coarse proceeds through any restricted airspace we will need prior proof showing clearance from that airport, i.e. Reedley & Wood Lake airports.


Please consider this a new beginning, future flying at Dunlap will be impacted immensely by how things unfold during the next couple of months. We are looking for cooperation from everyone in attaining an improved atmosphere related to future flying in Dunlap, with the Safety of the pilots and public our main concern.


We need all the support we can get with club donations, new members and or if you can swing a hammer and supervise a roofing crew, we will take any support you can offerDon’t forget to give Dan Fleming a big thank you for keeping the site open!!


Thank You,

Ryan Smith, President 

Central California Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club