March 2012 BAPA Meeting Minutes

BAPA Meeting

March 7, 2012 Meeting Minutes 

Written by Daniel Bremond    


The meeting was held at Round Table Pizza in Milpitas and called to order at 7 PM.

In attendance were 20 club members including two USHPA Board members for Region 2,

Steve Rodrigues and Josh Cohn.

As it is now becoming a tradition, Bapa offered the first drink by providing several pitchers of beer.


Visitors/New Members:

All members present introduced themselves


Officer Reports:


Susan K- President

Susan expressed her concerns about safety and the recent discussions on  email.


The BAPA website is now back on-line at the same previous url:

Please verify your information, and change your password.



Chip C - Vice President

If someone needs a site sticker, please contact Chip


Ricardo S - Treasurer

To date 102 members.

Julie was awarded $400 for her hard work on recovering the Bapa website.

Recent administrative tasks include Chapter registration and insurance for sites: Mount Tamalpais, The Stable, Benicia and Blue Rock.


Dave M - Activities

As announced during the meeting, the Activities Calendar has been published since the meeting and can be accessed on the website.

If you have any activity ideas or needs, please share them with Dave (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Next Meetings will be May 2nd and July 11.


Old Business:



New Business:

Our Directors, Josh and Steve shared their intention to focus on the coordination between HGs and PGs

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM


The entertainment was the screening  of “The Ultimate Descent / Hanuman Airlines”

This is the story of two Sherpas who climbed Mount Everest and went down by flying a tandem paraglider, for the first time in the history.