Next BAPA Meeting & NorCal XC League Presentation - Wednesday, March 22nd in Sunnyvale - 6:30pm

Hello BAPA Members and Bay Area Pilots,

This is a reminder of our upcoming BAPA bi-monthly meeting for March, which will be held on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 at Vito's Famous Pizza in Sunnyvale.  Note our new location which will be held at the same venue as the Wings of Rogallo monthly meetings.  We had to postpone the meeting a couple of weeks due to availability of the venue.
I know a lot of pilots have difficulty getting to BAPA meetings due to traffic after work.  Therefore the actual meeting will begin at or around 7:30pm.  We will have the private room at Vito's at 6:30pm, so please feel free to come early and socialize and eat/drink prior to the meeting.  BAPA meetings are a great opportunity to mingle with local pilots.  If you are not an official BAPA member (or even a paraglider) you are always welcome to come by and see what we are all about. 

We are also in the process of trying to set up the meeting online such that folks may be able to call in and participate remotely.  However we don't yet have this setup at this point.  I will send out another email with login instructions if we can get this set up properly before the meeting.
After the meeting concludes, Jug Aggarwal will do a presentation on the NorCal Sprint and XC Leagues for the upcoming 2017 season.  If you have any interest in flying XC in Northern California please be sure to attend the meeting.  The Sprint League is for newer XC pilots and the XC League is for more experienced pilots.  The first weekend for the Sprint League is the weekend after the meeting, so it's coming up fast!  Jug's website for the League is 


Current meeting agenda is as follows:

  • Current drive-up status and gate use at Mission Peak
  • Windy Hill flight ceiling
  • BAPA Website
Any other agenda items may be emailed to me prior to the meeting or brought up in person during the meeting.

Details are as follows:
6:30pm - Social Hour/Dinner/Drinking begins
7:30pm - Official Meeting begins
8:00pm - Sprint/XC Presentation by Jug

Vito's Famous Pizza
1155 Reed Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA  94086