January 8, 2014 BAPA Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2014 BAPA Meeting Minutes.

Written by Daniel Bremond.   


The meeting was held at Round Table Pizza in South San Francisco.  

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

In attendance were 9 paraglider pilots and one visitor, pilot to be.

The meeting was presided over by Dave McMillan President.


USHPA Elections Region 2.
From the USHPA website:” Jon James received 102 votes and Josh Cohn received 92 votes. They were elected.”


BAPA Elections.

The following persons were elected for 2014.

  • President:  Dave McMillan
  • Vice President / Membership Coordinator:  Susan Kent
  • Treasurer: Robin Cushman
  • Secretary: Daniel Bremond
  • Site Director: Daniel Retz
  • Safety Director: Jesse Meyer
  • Activities Director: William Whitaker


Officer Reports:


Dave M – President

Dave presented his program:

  • Increase membership, by adding the title of Membership Coordinator to the duties of the Vice President, and by working on the various advantages and benefits that the membership provides.
  • Mentor and develop new pilots.
  • Increase the Paragliding exposure.
  • Work on safety, specially at Mussel Rock
  • Improve the website


Dave M on behalf of Robin C – Treasurer

The bank account is in good shape.

Of the 143 members of 2013 almost 50% have already renewed their membership.

One of the membership benefits is access to the Friends and Family Sport Shop in Richmond which sells items with significant discounts.

Some members asked to re-publish the address.


Susan K – Vice President and Membership Coordinator

It is time to pay dues, update the risk assessment for each site.

Each site must have rules on how to fly.

Rules and regulations for our chapter need to be updated.

Jug A (USHPA Director for Region 2) is trying to start a Sprint League  in addition to the XC league. Please provide your feedback and respond to the email sent by Jug.

Susan plans to participate as Helper and Mentor, but not as competitor.

In this spirit, Susan would like to organize a thermalling clinic.

Jug plans to present the Sprint League at the next BAPA meeting.


Daniel B – Secretary

About Dave’s objective of increasing Paragliding exposure, Daniel is working on a plan for libraries that any member could use for their local library.

  • Provide a list of paragliding books to add to the library catalog. (Searches made to the Sunnyvale Library catalog for the keywords: paraglider, paragliding, hang glider, hang gliding found no result). Suggestions of  good paragliding and hang gliding books are welcome.
  • Provide the library  with a 3-year subscription to the USHPA magazine. (Due to the work to add a magazine to the display, usually libraries ask for a several-year commitment).
  • Libraries usually do not accept used magazines, but there is room for a second hand reader plan by dropping old magazines (you have read) to your nearest hospital waiting room, or your dentist waiting room, or your hairdresser waiting room.


Old and New Business


Norcal Flying Film Festival:

Dave recommended pilots to attend. Films are very good.

BAPA is supporting the festival, and Dave moved, Susan seconded to allocate $400 to the festival. The motion was carried out.


BAPA meeting location;

We are still looking for a better location than the current location.


Facebook Page:

Dave is looking to create a BAPA Facebook page. Many emails have been exchanged since the meeting explaining the objectives.


First Responder Workshop.

The date needs to be confirmed ( February or March).

The scope will be limited . What to do with no medical presence, no equipment.

The detailed content was discussed up to the end of the meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.