November 6, 2013 BAPA Meeting Minutes

November  6, 2013 BAPA Meeting Minutes.   
The meeting was held at a new location,
Red Lobster
503 E Calaveras Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035
The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.
In attendance were 26  Paraglider and Hang Glider pilots including
Josh Cohn and Jugdeep Aggarwal BAPA members and USHPA Directors for Region 2,
7 Hang Glider pilots from Fellow Feathers and Wings of Rogallo chapters.

The meeting was presided over by Susan Kent, BAPA President.

Old and New Business:

Susan asked everybody to introduce him/herself.

BAPA Elections:
Officers are elected each year for one calendar year.
The deadline to vote thru the Internet is only until December 5, 2013.
Below is a part of an email sent by Robin C describing the voting process.

“…Fall is the time of year when BAPA holds elections.  All seven offices are up for election this year, as always.  Those offices, with the name of the person running for each of them, are listed below:

•       President:  Dave McMillan
•       Vice President:  Susan Kent
•       Treasurer:  Robin Cushman
•       Secretary:  Daniel Bremond
•       Site Director:  Dan Retz
•       Safety Director:  Jesse Meyer
•       Activities Director:  Will Whitaker

The ballot is found by logging in to the members-only area of the BAPA website and clicking on the “BAPA Officer Ballot” item on the Members-Only Menu, on the right side of the screen.  Please vote for each office – you may either select the candidate running or write in the name of someone who would like to present their candidacy.  We’re also looking for someone who might be interested in taking on management of the website (done in Joomla), as Julie Spiegler has been Webmaster for quite a while and would like to get involved in other things. We’d love to get more people more directly involved in the work of the BAPA officers, so if you’re interested please let us know.  There’s lots of interesting stuff to get involved in!”
End quote.
Election results will be announced at the BAPA Christmas Party.

BAPA Christmas Party:
Will be held at Tom Moock Residence.
Below the last mail about the details.
The 2013 BAPA Holiday Party will be Saturday evening, December 7th, 2013 in San Leandro.
More details to come, but please mark your calendars and save the date for now!
Dave McMillan”
End quote.

Officer Reports:

Susan K. President
Mount Vaca:
Ed Stein and Juan Laos are opening a new site at Mount Vaca. To fly there, you must be a member of their club (separate from BAPA.) If interested contact either one of them
At first Mt. Vaca will be open just to P4 and H4 pilots. Some work has been done on the site, but they need to do more.
And also if you are interested in an XC clinic, please contact Ed Stein.

Dave M. Activities Director
Monster Mash Fly-in was a great party. 40 people attended.
There were several contests, and prizes were awarded to children and adults with the best costumes, pilots with the longest flights, and best retrieve drivers.
Unfortunately, Sunday was a long wait due to fog and most pilots didn’t fly.

The Potato Hill Fly-in was canceled

A First Responder Clinic is in discussion and planning.
It will be a one day clinic without Red Cross or CPR certification.
The intent is to teach what to do if you are in this situation (be the first responder).

Daniel B. Secretary
Mount Umunhum:
No news. The site is in the cleanup phase and not yet open to public.

Sunnyvale Landfill:
The city of Sunnyvale is studying the possibility of opening up an old landfill hill (80 feet high) to recreational activities.
The hill is not very high, but long enough (longer than Fort Funston ridge) to allow ridge soaring. The thermal wind is very predictable, constant in direction, and can reach up to 25 mph at the end of a sunny day.
Daniel, representing BAPA is lobbying to be allowed to fly HG and PG. He talked one week after the meeting before the Parks and Recreation commission of Sunnyvale.
Next step is a presentation before the City Council in December 2013.

USHPA Elections:
USHPA members should have already received a letter about the Internet vote for the board of Directors. In our Region (number 2) two seats are open.
Josh Cohn Incumbent is running for re-election, and there is also 3 other candidates.  Daniel encouraged all qualified BAPA members to vote (for Josh). Based upon the turnout 2 years ago, the 133 BAPA members (per Robin C) are numerous enough to make the decision.

PG at Fort Funston.
Steve Rodriquez, a USHPA director and Fellow Feathers member reported on the challenges and problems that Fellow Feathers has been facing at Fort Funston.  Several people were removed from the club, and one person had his USHPA membership revoked. Tracey Storey, President of Fellow Feathers, has been working hard to clean up the club and preserve the site.

From there the meeting moved into a discussion about why PGs are asked not to fly the Funston Bowl. 
Steve Rodriquez stated that there are no regulations or laws that prevent PGs from flying the bowl, but it is a matter of both etiquette and safety. In light conditions HG need all the room they can get to not end up on the beach.
The discussion then moved to whether PG pilots could fly the Funston Bowl in stronger conditions. This was met with a lot of comments. questions and discourse. One problem is there are a lot of inexperienced pilots at the Dumps and inexperienced pilots flying there could be a real hazard even in stronger conditions. Also wind conditions change rapidly and it can quickly go from a good breeze to light wind conditions.

To summarize:
The Fort Funston ridge is short, and not very high. With low wind the low cliff obliges HG to fly very close the hill, and there is not enough space to pass low speed PG and respect the ridge rules. There is plenty of space for PG on the South from the Stables down to Mussel Rock (more than 4 miles). So for safety reasons, Fellow Feathers asks PG pilots to respect the request not to fly there.
Although Mussel Rock is an unregulated site, BAPA will encourage BAPA members who fly the Dumps not to fly the Funston bowl.

PG and HG Community Building:
Then pilots had a discussion about safety and etiquette of HG and PG thermaling and ridge flying together.  Susan Kent will look into finding old USHPA articles that talks about that topic and see if it can be redistributed. To build better relationships between PG and HG, it was recommended to find occasions where HG and PG could meet and do something together. Examples: Picnic, Christmas party, Work party.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m. The next meeting will be held in the San Francisco area in January 2014.