September 11, 2013 BAPA Meeting Minutes.

September 11, 2013 BAPA Meeting Minutes.

Written by Daniel Bremond.   


The meeting was held at Round Table Pizza in South San Francisco.  

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

In attendance were 10 paraglider pilots/club members.

The meeting was presided over by Dave McMillan Activities Director.


Old and New Business


Congratulations Julie Spiegler, our new Women US Open Distance Champion. She won her new title at an every other year competition in Utah.


Coming soon a work party at Mission, organized by Daniel Retz the Site Director.


There was another incident at Fort Funston. A PG flying there. BAPA Management will talk directly to people involved.


Bapa Christmas party is scheduled for December 7. We do not have a location yet.

Daniel B suggested to look at renting a city room in a convenient location. Depending upon the city the cost may be between 100 and 200 dollars, for a big meeting room with a small kitchen with a microwave. As we usually do a pot-luck, the food is covered. The rental cost may balance the cost of cleaning (rug) when the party is held in a private house. Daniel suggested that the ones living in a central location look at what their city offers as rental space.


Officer nominations for next year.

The following persons were nominated for the following duties.

  • President:  Dave McMillan
  • Vice President / Membership Coordinator: Haynes Sheppard, Susan Kent
  • Treasurer: Robin Cushman
  • Secretary: Daniel Bremond
  • Site Director: Daniel Retz
  • Safety Director: Jesse Meyer
  • Activities Director: William Whitaker


The website will be updated. Voting will be using the web only from November first to November 30th. Results will be announced at the Christmas Party.


Webmaster: We are still looking for a volunteer in order to free up Julie Spiegler.



Officer Reports:


Dave M - Activities


Past activities:

The recent Dunlap fly-in had a good turn out.

The kiting clinic was a great success.

About 30 persons attended the Ed Levin Picnic.


Coming up:

·      Potato Hill flying has been canceled since the meeting due to bad weather.

·      Coastal cleanup scheduled for Saturday September 21 has been coordinated by Dave M.

·      Light Wind Launch Clinic October 12 at Ed Levin by Julie Spiegler. The clinic will start early in the day, before the wind starts blowing, as the clinic requires no wind.

  • We are looking for a volunteer to organize the Big Sur Halloween Monster Mash for the week-end before Halloween (October 26-27).


Daniel B – Secretary

Helmetiquette. Daniel explained the value of the free tag on the helmet and encouraged people to ask for it.


Sunnyvale Landfill:

The city of Sunnyvale is studying to open an old landfill hill (80 feet high) to recreational activities.

Daniel, representing BAPA asked to be allowed to fly. The hill is not very high, but long enough (longer than Fort Funston ridge) to allow ridge soaring. The thermal wind is very constant in direction, and can reach up to 25 mph at the end of a sunny day. Decision is expected in December 2013.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.


The entertainment was Julie Spiegler talking about the effective use of the various versions of tracking devices like Spot and Delorme Inreach.