July 10, 2013 BAPA Meeting Minutes

 July 10, 2013 BAPA Meeting Minutes

Written by Daniel Bremond.

The meeting was held at Round Table Pizza in Milpitas.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

In attendance were one visitor not yet pilot, one hang glider pilot and 9 paraglider pilots/club members.

The meeting was presided by Susan Kent President.

 Officer Reports:

Susan K – President

  • Lime Ridge Open Space is not a paraglider flying site. Following the recent Paragliding accident, the club has received the following notification from Robert Moore, WOR Diablo Site Administrator, regarding flying at Lime Ridge in Walnut Creek.

"Recently, it has come to the attention of the City of Walnut Creek that PG pilots have been making use of the Lime Ridge Open Space as a flying site. As an administrator for the adjacent Mt Diablo HG/PG site, City staff have requested that I notify PG pilots that such activity is not permitted, and any pilots found to be violating Park rules in this manner will be cited by Park or Police officers.
WOR has a long-standing agreement with the City that allows HG landings (but not launches) at two select sites within the Lime Ridge park, allowing us to make use of these highly valuable landing areas. This hard-won agreement is currently in jeopardy due to PG activity at the site, and I ask PG pilots to respect the City's request to stop unpermitted use of Lime Ridge.
Robert Moore
Mount Diablo Site Committee

End quote.

This does not impact Mount Diablo operations.

  • Sand City Flying site. HG and PG fly there. There is a site procedure, there are things allowed and things forbidden. Please follow the rules.
  • Hat Creek experience. Following the Hat Creek Fly-in, BAPA may investigate in the future to ask members to sign a waiver, and investigate if BAPA can leverage the waiver signed for USHPA.
  • BAPA Website. BAPA is still looking for a webmaster in order to freed Julie S.
  • Officer nominations. The Officer nominations for the next year are scheduled for the next meeting. Susan K actual President since 3 years would like to do not be nominated.

Robin C – Treasurer

  • The club accounts for 117 members.

Dave M - Activities

  • The Hat Creek fly-in last week-end was successful. At one time we counted 17 HGs and 23 PGs.

Coming up:

  • Kiting clinic in Vallejo on Saturday August 3. (Since the meeting an email has been sent providing details.)
  • Picnic at Ed Levin, after the next meeting in September.
  • The next BAPA meeting will be in Daily City.

Daniel B – Secretary

  • Chip S. Our vice President is travelling and is excused.
  • Helmetiquette. Daniel explained the value of this free tag on the helmet and encouraged people to ask for it.
  • Mount Umunum status.The organization whishing to save the radar tower got its non-profit organization status and starts asking for donation. We may consider contributing in the future as a marketing move for HGs and PGs. PG&E has disconnected the power line and demolition of old military buildings may start this fall. No flying is expected there before one or two years.
  • USHPA board member renewal. In our Region (2) two BAPA members are running for re-election. They are Patrick Hajek and Josh Cohn. When it is time, please remember to vote.
  • Kite festival in Berkeley. (on behalf of Chip S). The 28th Annual Berkeley Kite Festival & West Coast Championships will be held July 27 & 28 2013, 10:00AM - 6:00PM. More info on the website: http://www.berkeleykites.com/pages.php?pageid=17 

Old and New Business

Potato Hill status.

Jon Stallman reported the status of the negotiations with the rangers for the rehabilitation of the site.

A motion was moved, seconded and voted to support the action of Jon for the renovation and improvement of Potato Hill flying site.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

The entertainment was Jug Aggarwal speaking about and showing typical XC routes at Potato Hill and Dunlap flying sites for XC pilots.