Lime Ridge is Not a Flying Site


Please see below email from Robert Moore, WOR Diablo Site Administrator, regarding flying at Lime Ridge in Walnut Creek.  This was the location of the tragic paragliding fatality on Sunday.  Robert's email is self-explanatory and I ask that all PG pilots respect these regulations.

Dave McMillan
BAPA Activities Director

Recently, it has come to the attention of the City of Walnut Creek that PG pilots have been making use of the Lime Ridge Open Space as a flying site. As an administrator for the adjacent Mt Diablo HG/PG site, City staff have requested that I notify PG pilots that such activity is not permitted, and any pilots found to be violating Park rules in this manner will be cited by Park or Police officers.

WOR has a long-standing agreement with the City that allows HG landings (but not launches) at two select sites within the Lime Ridge park, allowing us to make use of these highly valuable landing areas. This hard-won agreement is currently in jeopardy due to PG activity at the site, and I ask PG pilots to respect the City's request to stop unpermitted use of Lime Ridge.

Robert Moore
Mount Diablo Site Committee