September 2012 BAPA Meeting Minutes


BAPA Meeting



September 12, 2012 Meeting Minutes.

Written by Daniel Bremond.



The meeting was held at Round Table Pizza in South San Francisco.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.

In attendance were 8 club members including 2 new pilots.

Susan K flying the Dolomites (Italy) and Chip C in business trip were excused.

The meeting was presided by Dave M.


Old and New Businesses

Dave asked the new pilots to introduce themselves.

  • Karen flies since 3 months with Jeff.
  • Fred is a returning Hang glider and Paraglider pilot.


Dave reported the demand of GGNRA to have a guided tour of Mussel Rock with BAPA officer(s).

Christmas Party: We are still looking for a place.

BAPA Elections: It is time to renew the board. Assignments renewable last one calendar year.

Officer positions to fill: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Site Director, Safety Director and Activities Director.

Anyone wishing to serve is invited to apply by contacting Susan K.


BAPA dues: The actual system needs some attention and may be modified.

Due to the lack of corum (15 members needed), the discussion was not followed by a vote, and the item will be on the agenda for the next meeting.


Webmaster: We are still looking for a volunteer to replace Julie S who would like to be excused.

Dave is still working for a First Responder Class to be held one Saturday in winter.


Officer Reports

Ricardo S - Treasurer

The association counts 153 members to date.

Bank account OK.


Dave M - Activities

Dave recalled the past and coming events on the calendar:


  • Dunlap held 8/26, attended by 15-18 pilots was successful.
  • 19 pilots participated to the Ed Levin Picnic on September 8. The Spot Landing contest was canceled due to bad wind, but the price was awarded to the volunteer driver.


Future events list:

  • Coastal cleanup held since the meeting on 9/15.
  • Potato Hill Fly-in is moved to Dunlap due to the past fire. The date is 9/22-23. Since the meeting St Nicholas Ranch as been selected as hotel/camping location and the official invitation has been sent.
  • Elk Mountain Fly-in 9/28-30.
  • Kitting Clinic in Valeo 10/6. The Invitation has been sent since the meeting.
  • Big Sur Monster Mash Fly-in 10/27-28.
  • Next BAPA meeting in South Bay 11/7.


Daniel B - Secretary

There will be another Mount Umunhum public meeting on 9/19 in Menlo Park.

Daniel plans to attend, representing BAPA and himself as WOR member, in order to secure the flying privilege listed in the plan.

Anybody interested in attending or speaking is more than welcome. Since the meeting the email invitation has been forwarded to the SFBAPA list.


Members comments

Garrett, a Speed-Flying pilot shared his concerns about the behavior of some not-BAPA-member sky-divers who fly Mussel Rock.

They drive up to the top of the ridge and cross fences (Trespassing) to access the launching area.

The expected behavior is to reach the launching area by hiking from Mussel Rock park.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


The entertainment part was a presentation by Sean O'Connor, a Paramedic and Firefighter in San Carlos about Do's and Don’ts if you are first on scene after an accident.