Minutes BAPA Meeting, July 11, 2012

 BAPA Meeting July 11, 2012 Meeting Minutes,

written by Daniel Bremond

The meeting was held at Round Table Pizza in Milpitas.

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m.

In attendance were 18 club members including 4 new pilots.

Officer Reports:

Susan K- President

- Susan asked the new pilots to introduce themselves.

- Susan provided a summary of the work done by the Officers to satisfy the USHPA requests about site insurance, risk assessment and remediation.

- For the sites Blue Rock and Sandy Beach, a site intro is mandatory for new comers. Please call 707-YOU-SOAR (707-968-7627) to arrange a site intro.

Chip C - Vice President

The association has around 150 members to date.

Dave M - Activities

Dave recalled the past and coming events on the calendar:

- The last two Fly-ins ( Anderson Flat and Dunlap) were successes.

- The next Fly-in will be Dunlap for the Weekend 8/25-26.

- Then a BAPA Picnic at Ed Levin on September 8.

About the Potato Hill fire, the general feeling is that the site may not be flyable for the remaining of the year, and the scheduled Fly-ins there will probably be relocated to Dunlap.

Old Business:

Mount Umunhum update by Daniel Bremond.

There will be a public hearing Wednesday July 18, 2012 in Cupertino.

The purpose:

Invitation to Provide Input: Mount Umunhum Public Access/Design (including the Radar Tower).

Daniel Bremond will not be able to attend the meeting and was looking for a (or several) volunteer(s) to attend .

He also explainied why it is important for BAPA to be represented, and suggested how to proceed.

Due to the timeline, a message has been sent since the BAPA meeting to the BAPA list recalling what was said.

New Business:

HelmEtiquette Motion by Daniel Bremond


Display your name on your helmet.


You are proud of who you are, of your flying skills, and accomplishments.

When you wear your helmet, your glasses and your flying suit, it is difficult to identify you.

So help people to give you the credit you deserve by telling them who you are, wearing your name on the top front of your helmet.

By law, your helmet displays the stickers of the various sites you are allowed to fly at.

Why don't you also show your name?


By wearing your name,

- you help to identify newcomers and visiting pilots who may need help.

- you identify yourself to other pilots as a resource for site intro, rules enforcement, advice etc.

- In case of accident your helmet could tell the rescue crew who you are.


Bapa members can make their own name tag, or request free of charge(*) a sticky name tag using the following 3 step process.

(*) All the costs will be supported by BAPA sponsors. There will be no expense on the BAPA books

 1) Fill out the attached request form

2) Submit it,

2.1) either by mailing it to the specified destination, or

2.2) by dropping it into the appropriate box during Bapa Meetings, or

2.3) by emailing the form to the specified destination (see special note on the bottom of the form if using email )

3) Stick the name tag on your helmet when you receive it by postal mail.

 Tag Description

Tags will be created using a Brother labeling system PTouch on tape 3/4 inch wide.

Estimated average Length of labels = 4 to 5 inches.

The color codification is close to the one used for WOR stickers.

Novice Pilot (P2): Red name on White tape

Intermediate Pilot (P3): Bleu name on White tape

Advanced and Master Pilots (P4 and P5): Black name on White tape

Bapa Helmetiquette: Free Name Tag Request Form

 Requestor Information:

- First name:

- Last name:

- USHPA Member #:

- Rating:

- The postal address where you want to receive your tag.

- Street:

- City:

- State:

- Postal Code:

- Optional, in order to solve quickly any spelling problem:

- Phone Number:

 Name Tag Information:

- Name to Display in Capital: (*):

(*) Suggested : First name, space, Last Name.


Either mail this form to


725 The Dalles Avenue

SUNNYVALE, CA, 94087-4219

Or email this form to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Backup email in case of problem

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important Note if submitting the request using email:

For security purpose, please do not include the form as a separate file, but instead, cut and paste all fields into a text message.

None of the hyperlinks (if any) that could appear in the requesting message will be followed.


You can expect to receive your tag within one week.

End of the request form.

 The motion was discussed, seconded and approved as it reads below:

 BAPA supports, and encourages the HelmEtiquete described above but will not enforce it.

 Following the motion, 8 members submitted a request form, and the tags have been mailed as these minutes were written.

 The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

The entertainment was a presentation by Jug Aggarwal on instruments and how they can help your flying.

The presentation, as a pdf file, can be downloaded form the Jug's website.


The presentation is at the top of the page.