Flying at The Stables & Mussel Rock

Pilots, please read important information below regarding flying at the Stables & Mussel Rock.  If you are not familiar with The Stables, it is north of Mussel Rock, just south of Fort Funston where John Daly Blvd ends at the ocean.  This is from David Sondergeld, Site Administrator for The Stables:
Since I will give some background I will start with the high level update for those not interested in the longer information that follows:

    The Stables and Moripoint sites are now under 1 permit with the GGNRA (National Parks)
    All pilots that wish to fly at either site need to sign a new waiver for the 2 sites even if you already have a past sticker.
    The "Stables" sticker will be used for both sites.
    To obtain a sticker and/or to sign a new waiver please contact David Sondergeld (See contact info below)
    Waiver and site regs are online at (David also has printed copies)

High level guidelines:

    Both sites are P3 rated and a sticker will gain access to both
    The Stables but not Moripoint has a Tandem program as well as a P2 sponsor program.
    At present no one is signed off this year for Tandem flyi

Coastal Site History:

Flying on the coast began for many of us back in 1988 -1989. Learning to fly and soar the coast was the main activity for Paragliding in the Bay Area. In the early years there were no permits and pilots "Bandidoed" where ever flying was possible. On the coast the parks department became concerned about environmental impact and asked that the community limit a launch and LZ to one location. We (founders of BAPA) decided on the spot that the stables launch is at and maintained the site as the Launch and LZ for the coast. Lessons were still occurring at the bowl just below and south of Fort Funston as well. For most of the 1990's paragliding on the coast was done from the Stables site until 1997 when GGNRA was granted land management rites from the Olympic club for the "Bay Ridge Trail" which is the trail running from Funston south to the John Daly Blvd overlook. Once the National Parks obtained management oversight BAPA was notified to stop all paragliding from the site. It took us approx 2 years of requesting a permit before the site was officially reopened as a permitted site under GGNRA management. When the the site regs were created the GGNRA asked us to mimic the same rules as the Fellow Feathers had for Funston. Ok how about the dumps,so when did pilots start flying the dumps? When we were asked to leave the stables during the 2 years it was closed, pilots migrated to the dumps a few miles south. The dumps land is not overly well managed and it is a combination of oversight from the City of Daly City, Cal Trans and GGNRA. To be specific the GGNRA has access to the road that is in the middle west to the high tide mark. Once we received the permit for the Stables most pilots stayed with flying from the Dumps. At first the GGNRA did not like having permitted flying at the stables and non-permitted access at the Dumps and for a year or 2 posted no flying signs at the Dumps. Pilots stayed away from the Dumps for a matter of months and as the GGNRA lost interest in managing activity pilots quickly came back. For years all was well with the sites and politics settled. I maintained communications through relationships with the City of Daly City and was told that the City would not acknowledge the activity occurring at the dumps for liability purposes. The one remaining point the City has stated is that they do not want to see "for profit" activities occurring on City land. Ok, how about Moripoint? We started flying Mori in the early 1990's, back then the site was wide open and we flew of the north, south, east and west sides with instruction occurring mostly on the North Side. The site has always been a great place to go in the winter for a short hike and flight when coastal soaring is not working for locals. Similar to the Stables the GGNRA gained land rites in the early 2000's and again we were asked to stop flying. A group of us worked with the parks department to be part of the environmental impact survey team and again after 2 years we were able to gain a permit and fly the site. Access to the site changed dramatically though at Moripoint. Instead of flying any spot and in any direction we are now permitted to launch of one area with a single LZ. The site works best on a North West day and I still get hour long flights every year when the wind is blowing N at 14.
I wrote a bit about the history as I talked with a few pilots over the past few days they did not seem to know any of the history as well as not knowing the stables was a permitted site or who I was. For a short Bio on me, I have been flying since 1989, I am a P4 and Tandem rated pilot as well as a USHGA observer, though I qualify for Master rating have not done the paperwork. I worked up to Novice rating in HG but have not continued hang gliding. I also either sky dive or sailplane glide annually. I helped form BAPA in the beginning and served as President for many of the early years. I was also a board member of the APA(American Paragliding Association) and when we merged with the USHGA I converted to honorary Director with USHGA for 4 years. While I have flown all over the country and all our local mountain sites, I live and breath flying the coast as I live across the street from the stables. With over 2,000 hours of air time you can find me at the site flying a red, white and blue sport 3.
Smooth Air and great lift!
Best Regards,
David Sondergeld